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Buckskin filly started with hackamore (bosal) and snaffle bit

Colt Starting… How To Start Colts With A Hackamore (bosal) And Snaffle Bit.

Plus… Start them the safest and easiest way possible.

Would you like to learn how to start colts in a “safe as possible”, “non traumatic” way?

If so, you’re in luck!

In this video series, I start a 2-year old buckskin filly using a braided hackamore (bosal) and a standard snaffle bit.

And, I do it in a way that is pretty much “stress free” for both horse and trainer.

Additionally, the entire training process is shown pretty much in “real time”.

The advantage of seeing it happen in real-time is it gives you a good reference to gauge the progress and what methods it took to get them there.

First time saddled and bucking a little bit

Overall, the video covers a time span equivalent to about three weeks of training sessions. And each session averaging around 20 minutes in length. Some sessions longer. Some shorter.

The important thing is you see everything just how it happened. Starting at the beginning and going all the way through the 1st ride.

You will see the 7th and the 8th ride also.

Here’s an outline of the progressive steps:

The sack-out and gentling process (ropes, flags, blanket and stick).

Teach the filly to respond and move her shoulders, ribcage and hips away from pressure.

Teaching the filly to work on the lunge line correctly.

Advanced lunge line techniques.

Introducing the saddle without having a wreck.

Establishing control with the hackamore. (I can’t stress enough the importance of this step)

A careful introduction to the snaffle bit. (Do this wrong and you’ll have mouth issues for a long time)

Pre-ride ground work with the snaffle.

Special pre-ride preparation. (How to stay out of trouble)

Making a successful first ride.

Suppling the filly laterally and establishing lightness.

Teaching the filly to give to my hands, flex at the poll and drop off the bit.

Teaching the filly to move her hindquarters away from leg pressure.

Teaching to walk, trot and lope quiet and relaxed.

Training technique for picking up the correct lead.

Teaching the preliminary stages for collection and traveling “in-frame”.

Teaching the filly to back up (you’ll learn 4 different methods)

Re-introducing the hackamore and continuing training.

At this point, the filly is going well and I’m riding her in the big outdoor arena.

Filly learning to follow the rider's hands

She will walk, trot, lope… stop and back up.

She’s light and will drop her nose and flex at the poll in both the snaffle bit and hackamore.

From here, it was just a matter of riding her consistently and letting her progress at her own pace.

You’ll pretty much see everything exactly as it happened.

About the only thing I didn’t show on camera was I spent the first week just petting and brushing the filly so she would settle in and get to know me.

The filly went on to become a really good horse.


The absolute “safest” way I know to make those first several rides.

Follow this recommendation and you’ll greatly reduce the chances of getting bucked off or having a wreck.

Overall, I highly recommend this video series to anyone who starts colts.
I truly believe this is a great way to get the job done.

Colt Starting – Online Video Series
1-year membership: $67 (option to renew at a big discount)



  1. Mineka Haines says

    Hello Larry a mates friend recommend me to watch your videos, and I have been really enjoying these. I was wondering will your dvds work in Australia on my dvd player?

    • says

      Yes, my DVDs will play in Australia.

      Be aware, if you want a DVD you need to go to the DVD menu.
      You are currently in the online video section of the site.

      Larry T

  2. hannah says

    Hi Larry, i have a 7 year old horse and he has to have shoes on and one day i rode him with out shoes and he strated rearing up with me im only 13 and my mom and dad are scaryed that i well get hurt on him what can i dont to get him to stop rearing??

    • says

      Hi Hannah,
      You are a kid… the future of the horse industry… so I really want to help you.

      Unfortunately, at your current understanding of horses and horse behavior, I simply can’t.

      You believe not having shoes is what caused your horse to start rearing with you.

      Nothing could be farther from the truth.

      Your horse is rearing because he either does not respect you and feels he can get his own way… or he’s rearing because your are doing something to cause it, like hanging on his mouth with the reins too tight.

      If you want to get anywhere with your horsemanship, you need to start paying attention to reality.

      I don’t say this to hurt your feelings. I say this to wake you up.

  3. Jamie says

    I have a 14 year old Arabian mare who bucks when shes ridden. If you warm her up (lunge her ) before riding she doesnt always buck. But recently even after lunging her when I asked for a trot she bucked. Is there any way to fix this problem? Her preivous owner had the problem as well

  4. Jennifer Thompson says

    I plan on purchasing you colt starting video however my question is: Do you have the information on this video on how to properly select the right Bosal or do I need to purchase one of your other videos that explain this?
    Thanks so much and hope to one day come down to CA and take some lessons!

    • says

      Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, I do explain about the hackamore but the absolute BEST explanation about selecting a hackamore will be found in my “Hackamore Training” video.

      Larry T

      • Jennifer Thompson says

        Thank you so much! I have started watching the videos of this DVD set and love them.

        Could you state a company name that you would or have purchased a Hackmore from?

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