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Reining & cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha invites you to watch these select, online streaming videos.

New Horse Training Videos You Watch Online. Instant Access After Purchase.

Hi, I’m Larry Trocha.

computer-monitorThis section of my website, features training videos that are designed to watch online. Watch on any computer, tablet or smart phone. (How to purchase a membership, login and watch the videos).

Groom, Saddle, Ride & Fix Bad Behavior
How to saddle, bridle, ride and fix bad behavior problems. If your horse bucks, balks, rears, bites, kicks or is disrespectful, this is the training course for you. Has your confidence been shaken? Learn how to get it back.

Lope Slow with Complete Control
The best video you will ever see for getting control of your horse, slowing him down, improving his stops, turns, leads and more. Ride with confidence… knowing you can control or stop your horse in any situation.

Cutting Horse Know How
The most complete and detailed cutting horse instruction available anywhere. You’ll get more out of this training course than any other cutting horse videos you’ve ever seen. I personally guarantee it.

Colt Starting with a Hackamore (Bosal) & Snaffle Bit
Ground work, good manners and establishing a solid foundation of training. The safest and most “stress free” way I know to get colts started right. Watch the entire training process exactly as it happened in “real time”.

Introduction To Cow Work
A detailed guide for starting your horse on cattle… plus how to use the mechanical cow. If you plan on doing cutting, reined cow horse or ranch sorting, this video shows how to get your horse started right.

Hackamore (Bosal) & Snaffle Bit Training by Larry Trocha
How to train a well-reined performance horse with the braided hackamore (bosal) & O-ring snaffle. Teach your horse lightness… suppleness… sliding stops… rollbacks… spins… lead departures… and good head position.

Fix Horses That Are Bad To Bridle Or Head Shy
If your horse won’t let you touch his ears, open his mouth for the bit or clip his bridle path, this video is for you. See exactly how to fix the problem fast. Also works great on horses that are bad to paste worm, vaccinate or clip.


New content and new training techniques.

These online videos showcase new content and new training techniques.

Though completely different than Larry’s horse training DVDs, the online videos are designed to compliment and expand on what you learn in his DVDs.

Different horses will sometimes require different training methods. The more training methods you know, the more success you’ll have training a variety of horses.

In the real world, some horses are very willing and easy to train. They only require mild or standard training techniques.

Other horses will be strong-willed and very difficult to train. They require training techniques that are more demanding.

In many of my videos, I try to show how to train BOTH types of horses… the willing, easy to train horse and the strong-willed, difficult to train horse.

The instruction is very detailed, well-demonstrated and easy to understand.

Watch the videos on any computer, tablet or smart phone.

All the online videos on this website have been formatted to play on any device.

Watch the videos on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

That means you can go to the barn, watch a training video on your phone and then get on your horse and instantly apply what you learned.

Learning how to train horses has never been so easy.

No sales tax… no shipping… immediate access!

There are many benefits to getting your horse training education online.

You don’t have to pay sales tax like you do on a dvd. You don’t have to pay for shipping either.

And the best benefit is… you get to watch the video immediately after your purchase. You get the information you want RIGHT NOW!

I highly recommend you give these new videos a try. I believe you’ll get great results.

Take care and good luck with your horse training.

Larry Trocha
Larry Trocha Training Stable



  1. Rj Winslow says

    Hi I haves only worked with mares but I’m getting a three year old stud I was wondering if you could give me any tips about breaking and traing him thanks
    R.j. Winslow

    • says

      Hi RJ,
      This entire website is comprised of DVDs and Online Videos about starting colts, training performance horses and fixing bad behavior problems.

      Just take a look at the menu bar at the top of the page and you’ll find what you need.

  2. says

    Hi Larry, I have a 4 year old AQH. I’m having trouble with motivating this boy to move, call it lazy or non responsive.. When he’s tired or bored, he stops and it takes some effort to get him moving. When working on his leads, loping for any length of time, he quits on me. He’s not motivated by spurs, reins, whip, etc. He’s well sacked-out, not spooky or jumpy. What do you suggest? Thanks! Vickie

  3. Becki says

    Hi Larry,
    I’ve got a 5 year old mare with limited ranch training, she doesn’t do much very well. I’d like to start correcting and teaching her properly. What video do I start on for a good foundation?

    • says

      Hi Becki,
      Go to the DVD section and get the Foundation Training Package or the Performance Training Package.

      Also, you will get a lot of good from the “Lope Slow with Complete Control” video on this page.

      Good luck,

      Larry T

  4. says

    Since the farrier last reset my hoss’s, my gray keeps making this slapping sound as he steps while we’re walking down the trail … what is that noise?

  5. Conrad Swanson says

    First of all, thanks. I recently signed up for and viewed your videos on hackamore training. Although I have read Ed Connell’s book a few times (not as many as you), your videos helped me to understand some of its points better. I am sure I will be watching your videos many times as well as re-reading Ed Connell’s book. By the way, a few days ago I started using a hackamore on a 4 year old that spent her 2 and 3 year old years in cutting training. She is “hot” and is heavy on light to moderate pulls on the bit, frightened of a strong pull. She seems to be working much better in the hackamore; much lighter and more responsive.
    Second, a question: I have a seven year old that I trained myself. She will slide, spin, turn on a cow, good speed transitions. She is pretty soft in her face when in the bridle, but not that good at framing up her body (takes a lot of effort on my part). Consequently, she tends to be a little heavy in the front end and her stops are not that good–she would prefer to keep her back flat rather than rounded and sometimes is “proppy” in the front end. She’s been ridden and shown in the hackamore, but not for a couple of years. Do you think it might help lighten her up (and get her in frame) to go back to the hackamore during training rides?
    Thanks again.

    • says

      Hi Conrad,
      From your description, the 7 year old mare is performing similar to a horse who has sore hocks or sore stifles or both.

      Have a qualified “performance” vet check her out.

      If she is sound, school her differently in the stop.

      Say “whoa” and LIFT STRAIGHT UP with the reins.

      The upward lift will make her drop her butt more and lighten her front end.

      Larry T

  6. Suzan Moren says

    Hi Larry… I have two teenaged Haflingers that only direct rein. One is a trained dressage horse and pretty responsive, the other is basically an Amish trained driving/saddle horse that is pretty dull. My son has the use of only his left hand so direct reining is a bit of a problem, so I’m wanting to teach both horses to neck rein. I’m not sure the driving horse is responsive enough to train in a bosal so was thinking maybe a snaffle with a mecate rein…I have bosals, a nice stiff horsehair mecate, and various bits, just not sure what equipment to use for these guys. While I’m not training finished reining horses…I still want to do it right! DVD recommendations also welcome.
    Thank you!

  7. Janel Isherwood says

    Hey Larry,

    Just wondering if you have a video on how to teach an older horse how to lunge. I bought a 6 year old cutting horse who is very well broke (for my level) but was never taught how to lunge. Help! I have your foundation training package already. Thanks.


  8. Johnathan says

    Mr Larry ,
    Hello my name is johnathan graves I’ve been around horses for 35 years ,wish your videos were around then ! I wouldn’t be broke up as much!!!! Any way I have a question,I have a 12year old APHA mare that is a great horse she’s been pastured for a while and I’ve gotten to a point to where I want to start back riding /working her got her out legged her up did some ground work and just rode her for about a week ,started working her and after the 3-4th day she is fighting the bit not bad she is level poled and headed but if ibump to correct she will nose out really bad .a year ago she was ranch cutting and penning regularly now she’s noshing out bad checked her mouth teeth ect. Any suggestions ?
    Thank you sir,Johnathan

  9. Lauren says

    Hi Larry
    I’m a western pleasure rider and i ride a mare named destiny shes 13 and has a bad attitude tacking is hard she bites constantly from picking hooves to tying the gurth. The real problem is up on the saddle she never listens when i try to get her in the jog she bucks sometimes more than once at a time tries to bite my feet and runs my feet into the fence what should i do to calm her down so she doesn’t try her little tricks?

  10. Shana Vandevelde says

    Hello sir. can u help me? i have an 3 years old Quarter/Arabian horse that’s doing well under sadle.He never bucked and i’ve been riding him almost 2 months and he moves good. but i’m worried that i’m doing something wrong. When i ask him to back up on the ground he’s doing it perfect. but when i’m on him he’s refuising… but he’s getting his 3 year teeth. could it be that the bit is hurting him? pleas help me…

    Greats Shana

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